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Nina Hanau

Game Designer

Über mich

About me:

I am Nina Hanau, a Game Designer and a Traditional Artist. Currently studying Game Design in my 5. semester at the University of Europe for Applied Sciences, I have created different games, stories and game assets in the last two years. 

I believe that games can be used for more than just entertainment, which is why my main interest lies in serious games. More particular: Serious games that are interactive experiences which inform players, unite people or even help overcoming illnesses.

Loving to paint traditionally on canvas, I am passionate about impressionism and the idea of implementing that art style into my future games. 

I will create the environment, level and narrative design for games that have a deeper sense, using fun for the sake of helping people and creating awareness in our world.




3D Games


3D Assets/Dioramas


2D Games


Other Projects



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