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This game invites you to a trip into a post apocalyptic fantasy world setting in the future of Greece. Martina Marchio and I created this game together in our fourth semester with the help of our classmate Martin Bremer. The story was originally written by Martina. In the development I was mostly responsible for the environment and level design, the dialogue writing and the coding of the stealth system. 

Rea is a role playing game that is heavily dialogue based and includes a branching narrative. You play as Beatrece, one of the few remaining humans on earth surrounded by a diversity of creatures that occupy the planet and coexist more or less peacefully. Having lost your brother in a fight, you do what it takes to find the killers and avenge him. The game will take you through a journey through Rea where you are free to explore your environment. 

Got interested? Download Rea here!

Tools I Used
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